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An invitation to know more and speak up in favor of housing that meets the needs of our neighbors.

Successful candidates in the 2021 election will set the priorities and policy agendas and shape the trajectory of housing for years to come. With an issue as critical and complex as housing, it is important that we are all talking and raising housing as a priority.

LISC Greater Cincinnati created EMPOWERING ACTION to encourage productive conversations with lawmakers.

Everyone has a stake in housing. We invite you to add your voice.

State of Housing

Housing Our Future

Housing Our Future is a broadly inclusive initiative that is working within multiple channels to ensure that someday soon in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, everyone will have access to a safe, affordable place to call home in a community of their choice. 

A strategy focused on preserving existing affordable housing and encouraging new housing production, Housing Our Future localizes data and trends to present a complete picture of what housing constraints look like in Hamilton County and makes tangible, high-priority recommendations for change.

The strategy puts forth policies and programs designed to:

  • Protect our most vulnerable residents
  • Preserve and develop long-term affordability
  • Invest in housing that builds strong, inclusive communities
  • Create equitable growth without displacement
  • Build the capacity for development and innovative ownership structures
  • Provide pathways to sustainable homeownership and generational wealth creation

For more on Housing Our Future’s core values and strategic priorities, click here.

Sample Questions for Candidates

Below you will find a few sample questions that you can pose directly to candidates. The questions highlight key priorities identified in Housing Our Future and ask candidates to share their solutions. We also encourage you to pose questions that reflect your unique set of experiences and perspectives. This is an opportunity to share how important housing is to you and your community.

What role should local government play in addressing affordable housing?

If elected, how will you prioritize affordable housing?

How will you support increased production housing and investment in neighborhoods, including housing that is affordable to moderate- and low-income neighbors?

How will you expand opportunities for homeownership for all households, especially as home sale prices continue to increase and opportunities for homeownership are threatened by investors buying homes and turning them into rental homes?

What stakeholders will you engage with to set your housing policy agenda? Examples might include housing advocates, developers, community development corporations, community councils, etc.

How will you help longtime homeowners stay in their homes, including those facing increasing property taxes and challenges with property maintenance?

How will you ensure that more households have housing they can afford in neighborhoods where they want to live?

What actions will you take to protect our most vulnerable neighbors from housing insecurity, including neighbors facing homelessness and paying so much for housing that they cannot pay for other necessities like food and health care?

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