Bridges to Career Opportunities


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Bridges to Career Opportunities (Bridges) is a LISC program that helps chronically unemployed and underemployed adults train for, land, and advance in jobs in local growth industries—sectors such as healthcare, construction, and technology—by helping them overcome the roadblocks to success. The majority of Bridges clients are people of color and women, representing the groups facing the highest systemic obstacles to opportunity in our economy.

The Citi Foundation is a major supporter of Bridges, committing $10 million to help 40 community-based organizations deliver the program to thousands of job-seeking Americans over the last three years. With the onslaught of COVID-19, Bridges became a lifeline for those most impacted by the economic fallout of the pandemic. Because of our country’s yawning racial and gender wealth and opportunity gaps, women and BIPOC Americans make up that majority. In recognition of Citi Foundation’s support, we are sharing the extraordinary journeys of nine people who now have promising careers and brighter financial futures thanks to Bridges.